TW Properties, Inc.

TW Properties, Inc.  is a privately held full-service commercial real estate investment company.  TW Properties, Inc. was formed to engage primarily in the business of acquiring, owning and developing income-producing industrial and manufacturing properties. TW Properties, Inc. is an active operator and investor of commercial real estate assets and has a reputation as a value-added investor focusing on real estate opportunities that are inefficiently priced.
TW Properties, Inc. is well-regarded for their proactive, entrepreneurial style of doing business. TW Properties, Inc.’s fully-integrated services approach serves as the foundation of our success. Fully-Integrated Services include:

  • Land Acquisition/Entitlement
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Design/Construction
  • Financing
  • Leasing
  • Project Financial Reporting
  • Property Management

This approach impacts every facet of our developments from partner selection, long-term economic viability, construction quality and efficiency, tenant selection, as well as how properties are managed and maintained. From creating jobs, tax revenue and community benefits, TW Properties, Inc.’s consistent attention to detail yields successful projects in every sense.

A fully integrated real estate development and investment company.